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Who’s Running in the Primary State Office?

Below is the list of candidates for State Office, the filing period closes on June 10th. This post will be updated as other candidates come forward

State Representative (Republican)
Laura El-Azem
Ron Dunn
Wayne D. MacDonald (incumbent)
Sherman Packard (incumbent)
Doug Thomas (incumbent)
David C. Lundgren (incumbent)
Moira Ryan
Kristine Perez
Tom Dolan (incumbent)
Kathleen Kilroy
Roger Fillio

Delegate (Republican) Note democrats do not elect delegates
Scott C Bristol
Ron Dunn
Wayne D. MacDonald
Doug Thomas
Moira Ryan
Kristine Perez
Janet Huttula
Jonathon C. Esposito
Philip Pane
Tom Croteau
Maria Barud
Sarah Meier
Schawn Faber
Liz Thomas
Gregory G. Carson

State Representative (Democrat)
Michela Hites
Anne H. Fenn
Tammy Marie Siekmann
Gregory B. Warner
Ted Combes
Jim Green
Alex Killey

Londonderry has seven state representative seats and seven delegate seats

Updated: June 10, 2022 — 5:16 PM


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  1. 6/6/2022: Added
    Tom Croteau
    Maria Barud
    Tom Dolan

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