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Londonderry C.A.R.E.S. Changes Committees Descriptions

Londonderry C.A.R.E.S. formed in October of 2021 has removed specifics from it’s committee descriptions.

Relations Committee

This committee is focused on connecting the School Board, District, and community. Members participate in various school and district public meetings and manage communication efforts. During election cycles, this group is responsible for candidate support and voter outreach.

  • Communication with Board and District
  • Candidate Recruitment, Support, and Campaigning
  • Voter Education and Outreach
  • District Meetings and Reports

Education & Equity Committee

This committee is focused on providing students with the best program offerings available. This group analyzes surrounding districts’ operations and strategizes to keep Londonderry in a high-ranking position within the state. The goal is to assure graduates are adequately prepared for their future plans.

  • Support High-Quality Programs, Educators, and Staff
  • Pushing for Progressive Curricula
  • Support for Competitive Facilities
  • Parent Outreach and Education

Wellness Committee (Mental, Social & Physical)

This committee is focused on the well-being of students so they can thrive in their school environments. This group develops strategies to support all students and educators with their unique needs in the areas of mental, social, and physical health.

  • DEIB and LGBTQIA+ Initiatives and Support
  • Social/Emotional Initiatives and Support
  • Teacher/Admin Support and Outreach
  • Physical Health

The group also removed the What is happening to public schools in NH page

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