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Londonderry Times: Candidate Ron Dunn (R)

From the Londonderry Times 10/28/2022 edition

Candidate for Londonderry State Representative

Question “How will you represent the residents of Londonderry in Concord and in Town?”

As I am out doork-nocking, residents are telling me they are concerned about paying their oil and electric bills this winter. Inflation and rising property taxes have hit our community hard causing economic instability. As a tax paying citizen, I know the importance of keeping the property tax low. Many in our community are struggling and having a large property tax bill only adds to the pain. We must reduce spending to reduce the tax burden. I don’t want to see people that have owned a home in Londonderry a majority of their life have to sell due to the rising property taxes and evaluations. I am hardworking, dedicated and passionate about helping people. I am a person who will try to bring people together and am willing to work with anyone to get the best results for the taxpayers here in Londonderry. You will always know where I stand on the issues.

I am currently on the HB737 PFAS Commission. This is a group of appointed legislators and community activists who investigate and analyze the impacts of PFAS in our community. I have been dealing with the PFAS in the water here in Londonderry since 2017 and have been on bottled water since 2019. I am fighting for you, the taxpayer, to make the polluters pay and not the taxpayer. Every individual in Londonderry deserves to have clean water in their home. I will not change my vote to gain favor with any group or individuals. I will take this very seriously. I will not miss any votes and will attend sub committee meetings.I will also hold regular meetings with the voters here in Londonderry so they can let me know what their pressing issues are and I can update them on what is happening in Concord. I am fiscally conservative and will always look out for the taxpayers of this town.

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