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Londonderry Times: Candidate Kristine Perez (R)

From the Londonderry Times 10/28/2022 edition

Candidate for Londonderry State Representative

Question “How will you represent the residents of Londonderry in Concord and in Town?”

I am running because I am concerned about our future. I will focus on anything that helps Londonderry navigate through this challenging economic situation. Fuel, food, and gas prices are affecting everyone. I believe, seniors and middle-class working families are being hit the hardest. Families putting gas in their cars to go to work, food on the table for their children and then paying these outrageous utility bills are struggling. Seniors who have worked all their lives to be secure in their retirement and find themselves having to work to pay their bills. These individuals and families are offered no assistance. We need to work harder to lower prices on these items as well as the ever-rising tax burden in our Town. Town and School officials need to continue to listen and know that we are hurting. The State Representatives have worked hard but much more needs to be done.

I want Parents to have the first and last say in what is right for their children and I will support the Parental Rights Bill that was recently put forward. Children are our future. I will never forget that.
Another very important concern of mine is voter integrity. We need to tighten our voting laws so that legal voters feel secure in the fact that their vote counts.

I have always felt that the residents of Londonderry needed more of a say in the Bills that were offered by our Representatives. I want to offer open meetings where their concerns can be expressed and their ideas of what might help can be voiced. I also, want to make sure that residents are informed regularly on what is happening at the State level that has a direct effect on this Town.
I want to be part of the solution!

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