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Londonderry Times: Candidate Edward Combes (D)

From the Londonderry Times 10/28/2022 edition

Candidate for Londonderry State Representative

Question “How will you represent the residents of Londonderry in Concord and in Town?”

I will represent Londonderry in Concord, by pushing for funding for Full Day Kindergarten with funding on the State Level. I will also fight for more resources for Solar projects and for improvements to people’s homes that improve energy usage to help save people money upfront and on their future electric bills. I will also fight for more infrastructure funding for the NHDOT for the state roads and highways in Londonderry and across the state as I know many roads need repairs, and we still have many bridges Red Listed across the state. I will also fight for infrastructure funding for water pipeline projects to bring more clean drinking water to our town. I will also fight to make sure the state picks back up part of the funding to the retirement system for teachers, police, and firefighters across the state, the prior legislature decided to $0 fund this and downshifted the costs to towns across the state, which raises taxes for Londonderry Citizens. I am a Proud Supporter of Public Education, and will fight for more funding for Londonderry and all schools across the state. If I am elected, I will act as I did as Town Councilor, and listen to all concerns and facts on a matter and take them into account when voting. I will listen and help people anyway that I can and direct them to the right solution. I look forward to your vote on Nov. 8.

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