, Londonderry NH

Also known as the TU, a place to keep up on local politics, events, and issues that affect you.

Londonderry’s ‘New Urban’ Development

Michael Kettenbach of Pillsbury Realty Development LLC announced his 20 year plan for a new 630+ acre development in Londonderry. The development dubbed Woodmont Commons will have a ‘new urban’ design. The design is styled after a small ‘walkable’ village layout. The compact layout will allow for more pedestrian traffic and less automobile traffic. You could live, work, and play all at Woodmont Commons.

Checkout the forum for a collection of recent articles on the development here

Do you support the new Woodmont Commons 'New Urban' development?

  • Yes (51%, 102 Votes)
  • No (35%, 69 Votes)
  • I'm undecided (13%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 199

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Read more about the new development on the Woodmont Commons Board

9/22/2010 Update: Looks like we have had a little Poll Troll enter the game. 47 Yes votes cast all from the same computer. Now that’s not playing fair!

Updated: September 22, 2010 — 10:41 PM


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