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School District Information Frustration, ‘Removed by the Uploader’

The school district has produced a number of ‘informational’ videos to inform residents of the upcoming elections and voting on March 14, 2023.

Unfortunately these videos only focus on the final vote that happens on March 14th. These videos do not mentions the Deliberative Session held this coming Friday 2/10/2023.

The Deliberative Session allows residents to make changes to what will be voted on on March 14th. Did you know the Article 2 a bond for $5,000,000 could be amended to $0 or in the extreme opposite amended to $50,000,00. If amended and approved at the Deliberative session you vote on March 14th could be drastically changed.

How is it that the Superintendent, numerous district staff, AND School Board members do not feel the need to mention the Deliberative session? When asked the School District responded that they would be producing a video on the Deliberative Session. That video was released on Monday 2/6/2023. The video has since been ‘Removed by the Uploader’

Why is it so difficult for the Londonderry School District to provide information??

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