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Town Council Chairman Misstatements

From the Londonderry Times Letter to the Editor

Clearing Up Missstatements
To the editor,

During the final portion of the May 15, Town Council meeting, Chairman John Farrell made a misleading statement about a ‘lawsuit’ that was filed by my lawyer, Kevin Coyle, against the town of Londonderry.

It is not a lawsuit, it is a petition to have the superior court order the Town to release a document. It is the way the law works when a public entity does not comply with the 91-A right to know law. We are requesting for one (1) public document that the town refuses to release to me.

The document was shown to me on my final day as a Town Councilor and pertains to a complaint filed by someone to the town on my use of the word “seduce.”

According to my lawyer, Kevin Coyle, “We gave the town every opportunity to comply with 91-A requests and they chose to have us take the issue to superior court.”

In Farrell’s statement, he refers to many documents being requested in the lawsuit, that is simply not the case.

As to how much this will cost the town, it should have cost them nothing. In my opinion, it’s a public document written against me and I have the right to have a copy of it.

For the record, I was allowed to read the document on my last day as a councilor, but was told I could NOT take a copy of what was written about me.

Deb Paul
Londonderry Times Publisher

Below is the video clip of Chairman Farrell at the 5/15/2023 Town council Meeting

Councilor Farrell stated that this request was for numerous documents, but the 91A was for a single document.

The Londonderry Town Council was contacted asking for a copy of court filing that Councilor Farrell referenced and also stated was a public document. The Town Council has not responded to that request.

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