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Councilor Butler Calls Out ‘The Group’

At the 5/15/2023 Town Council meeting Councilor Butler once again used his position as Town Councilor to call out individuals who have spoken at Town Council meetings. Butler chose to wait until public comment was closed so those who he directly called out ‘The Group’ by name. Anyone listed by Councilor Butler was prevented from responding or asking questions.

As one member of ‘The Group’ mentioned I emaild the Town Council requsting copies of all documents that Councilor Butler referenced. The following email was sent to the Town Council on 5/18/2023:

From: Glenn Douglas
Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2023 7:39 AM
To: Town Council
Cc: Michael Malaguti
Subject: Documents Referenced During 5/15 Meeting

I am requesting a copy of all documents Councilor Butler reference shortly after public comment was closed.

I am also requesting the public documents referenced by Chairman Farrell at the end of the meeting in regard to the court filing by Deb Paul

Glenn Douglas

No one from the Town Council ackowledged or responded to the email. Town Manager Malaguti responded on 5/21/2023 stating “Attached is the document responsive to your second request. The Town will follow up on your first request shortly.” The Town Manager was out of the office on 5/18 and 5/19 and I commend him for answering an email at 9:21PM on a Sunday night!

As an individual who was referenced by name by Coucilor Butler I believe I have a right to review the documents that Councilor Butler is using to accuse a small group of individuals, accused of what I’m still not sure. The documents were used to call out residents Jonathan Esposito, Krisine Perez, Deb Paul and the Londonderry Times. These document are clearly readily available, Councilor Butler read from printed sheets.

Why has it taken over a week to get copies?

Councilor Butler decries the cost of 91A filings, yet when a resident asks for information there is no response to those request or there are delays. I am not a fan of 91A’s, I belive information should be made available, but it appears that the Council is unwilling to provide information without the force of law. If I am forced to file a 91A how much will the Town pay to fulfill the request?

Resident are limited to 5 minutes to address the Council, they are frequently interrupted, and sometimes corrected. Councilor Butler has taken a new tac where he will now address comments during council session where no one can rebut his statements, no one can correct his misleading statements.

Asking for accountability or why the Town Council has failed to follow the Town Charter, now comes with a membership to ‘The Group’

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