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New Hampshire Sucks!….But He Voted Here!

New Hampshire voter fraud needs to be stopped!

In a new video released by Project Veritas Action more voter fraud has been exposed in Manchester New Hampshire. It would appear the Mr Hugo Palma from Colorado Spring, Colorado may have broken the domicile requirement of New Hampshire law RSA 654. What does Mr Palma think about New Hampshire?

This place sucks! Like, the food sucks, the night life sucks. There’s Patriots fans everywhere. Everywhere…..No, why the F*** would I come back to New Hampshire? This place is a S*** show!

Check out the Project Veritas video

So Mr. Hugo Palma is not impressed with the Granite State, but he did come here and voted in the First in the Nation Primary.

If you believe New Hampshire’s voter laws need to change please contact your Londonderry representatives and ask them how they plan to safeguard our elections.

State Representatives:
Alfred P. Baldasaro, (603)425-6997
Robert E. Introne, (603)432-0345
David C. Lundgren, (603)432-3499
Betsy McKinney, (603)432-5232
Sherman A. Packard, (603)432-3391
Daniel J. Tamburello, (603)434-2940
Douglas W. Thomas, (603)490-3226

State Senator
Sharon Carson (603) 434-2489

Londonderry Town Clerk:
Sherry Farrell 603-432-1100 x 195

Londonderry Tow Moderator:
Cindi Rice Conley (603)434-7743

This is not a partisan issue, this is not a Bernie Sanders issue. If one side can use the lax same day voter registration laws to their benefit all sides can!

Updated: February 18, 2016 — 1:01 PM

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