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Londonderry Establishment Government, Time for a Change?

Anyone that has followed the 2016 presidential campaign can attest to the clear fact the people are sick and tired of the ‘establishment’. I’m not sure anyone is sure who or what the establishment is, but they want a change. The want a government that works for the people, not lifetime politicians.

It’s interesting that this site, as well as other individuals, who would like to see a Londonderry government that is accountable to the residents have routinely been harassed over the years by the local establishment.

The message has been clear from the local establishment, they run the town, not the residents. If you show up to a meeting and buck the establishment, watch out, you stand a good chance of being publicly ridiculed or shouted down during a meeting. The same people that demand respect, treat those that disagree with them with disdain and belittle them. Tow the line or don’t bother speaking out. Nothing changes, the players are the same, they move from board to board occasionally, but the agenda stays the same. Six or seven years ago it was common to have a room full of people at public meetings. That happens very rarely happens now, why?

At this years town meeting Article 15 passed by a sizable margin: Yes 1108, No 830, Blanks 156.


To see if the voters will recommend to the Town Council to propose an amendment to the Town Charter to set term-limits on appointments to all non-land use boards. This question shall be non-binding on the Town Council. (BY CITIZENS PETITION)

(If passed this article will require the Town to raise $0.00 in property taxes, resulting in a tax rate impact of $0.00 in FY 17 based upon projected assessed values.)

The Town Council by a vote of 4-1 recommends a NO vote; the Budget Committee did not vote on this item as it is non-monetary.

Will the establishment address the request of the voters or will the status quo remain?

Updated: March 20, 2016 — 6:19 PM

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