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Planning Board or Town Council Meeting?

The April 6, 2016 Planning Board meeting began late. At a few minutes past 7 o’clock members of the planning board, town staff, town attorney and town council chairman John Farrell entered the room to start the meetings. Shortly after the meeting began Councilors Joe Green and Tom Freda joined the audience. Councilor Butler is the Planning Board liaison and was also present for the meeting.

PlanningBoardView the meeting HERE

The interest appeared to be in the “Public Hearing Tree Removal” portion of the meetings. Councilors Green, Freda, and Farrell, along with the Town attorney and DPW Director left immediately after the public hearing completed. None of the councilors spoke, although at the hearing. Town Councilor Farrell returned to the meeting shortly after leaving.

During the tree removal hearing there was contention from the applicant, Richard Flier that the Town did not inform him of all details required to obtain a certificate of occupancy. He has had multiple meetings with the Planning Board, the last one was in February. The hearing concluded with Flier being required to remove a tree near the road of his new Adams Road property. Town Staff will again need to do a site visit and determine if the sight distances have been met. It was not clear when Flier would receive his certificate of occupancy.

Why were so many councilors interested in a tree on Adams Road?

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Updated: April 8, 2016 — 6:46 AM

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