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UL: Londonderry Council OKs noise ordinance

From the Union Leader

Londonderry Council OKs noise ordinance
By ELI OKUN Union Leader Correspondent


Londonderry Council OKs noise ordinance | New Hampshire

LONDONDERRY — The town might be getting a bit quieter this year, after the Town Council approved a noise ordinance at its meeting Monday night.The new regulation passed unanimously after Police Chief Bill Hart presented some changes added since the ordinance’s first public hearing this spring.The changes primarily exempt agricultural activities and farming from the time limits. And an amendment added at the meeting gives town employees and residents more leeway with snow and ice removal after a winter storm.Londonderry’s prior lack of noise ordinance on the books had rendered the town something of an anomaly among similar municipalities in New Hampshire.The new ordinance prohibits most noises defined as “loud, unnecessary or unusual” between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Many types of construction equipment have even more restrictive hours: They have to go quiet starting at 7 p.m.Deciding to exempt agricultural work from the noise limits arose after Hart and Town Manager Kevin Smith heard from several farmers in town concerned about the ordinance’s potential impact on their livelihood.

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