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Londonderry November Election Candidate Information

Below are the Republican and Democrat candidates that will appear on the November 8 general election ballot.

United States Senator Primary VotesIncumbentFacebookWebsite
Donald C. Bolduc, Republican1119FacebookWebsite
Maggie Hassan, Democrat1137XFacebookWebsite

Representative in Congress Primary VotesIncumbentFacebookWebsite
Karoline Leavitt, Republican1228FacebookWebsite
Chris Pappas, Democrat1187XFacebookWebsite

Governor of NH Primary VotesIncumbentFacebookWebsite
Tom Sherman, Democrat1053FacebookWebsite
Chris Sunnunu, Republican2672XFacebookWebsite

State Senator (Londonderry, Auburn & Hudson) Primary VotesIncumbentFacebookWebsite
Sharon Carson, Republican2538XFacebookWebsite
John Robinson, Democrat1112FaceBookWebsite

Executive Council Primary VotesIncumbentFacebookWebsite
Kevin J. Cavanaugh, Democrat1133FacebookWebsite
Ted Gatsas, Republican2131XWebsite

State Representative (Vote for 7)Primary VotesIncumbentFacebookWebsite
Ted Combes, Democrat1021Facebook
Tom Dolan, Republican1868XNH
Ron Dunn, Republican1344FaceBookWebsite
Anne H. Fenn, Democrat1012FacebookWebsite
Jim Green, Democrat960
Michela Hites, Democrat960FaceBook
Alex Killey, Democrat929
David C. Lundgren, Republican2065XNH
Wayne D. MacDonald, Republican1565XFaceBookNH
Sherman Packard, Republican1883XNH
Kristine Perez, Republican1492FacebookWebsite
Tammy Marie Siekmann, Democrat990
Doug Thomas, Republican1536XFaceBookWebsite
Gregory B. Warner, Democrat959

State Representative District 35 (Londonderry & Windham)Primary VotesFacebookWebsite
Julius Soti, (Windham Resident) Republican2111 FaceBook
Katy Gehling, (Londonderry Resident) Democrat1011FaceBookWebsite

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