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School District: Right-To-Know Procedures

Policy KBA

Every citizen during the SAU’s business hours at the SAU Office may inspect and copy SAU and Londonderry School District governmental records which are not exempt from disclosure under RSA 91-A:5 or any other statute.

Requests for Governmental Records

A citizen’s request to review a record should contain enough information to reasonably describe the record or information requested. A request for a record that does not have a reasonable description of the subject matter or time period is not sufficient. Requests should be made in writing to ensure that the SAU and School District understand the request.

Response to Requests for Governmental Records

Governmental records which are subject to disclosure and are immediately available for review and inspection will be provided for inspection upon request whenever possible.

Often, however, governmental records may not be immediately available for a number of reasons including that the records are being used; the records must be compiled; the records must be reviewed or redacted for information which is not subject to disclosure; or the records must be reviewed by legal counsel to determine whether they are subject to disclosure.

If requested governmental records are not immediately available, the SAU or School District will within five (5) days of the request either: (1) make the record available; (2) deny the request in writing with reasons; or (3) furnish a written acknowledgement of receipt of the request and a statement of when the SAU or School District expects to be able to complete the retrieval and review necessary to determine if the record exists, whether it is subject to disclosure, and when the process is expected to be completed.

Reviewing and Inspecting Governmental Records

When the governmental records which are not exempt from disclosure are available for review and inspection, the requester will be contacted and notified that the requested records can be reviewed at the SAU Office during business hours.

Costs or Fees

The cost of copies is $ .50 per sheet when the request is for specific records identified by the requester or when the requester personally reviews and inspects the records and selects the records to be copied. The requester will be charged the cost for thumb drives, discs, or other electronic copying devices provided to the requester.

If the requester chooses not to personally review and inspect the records and does not reasonably describe the requested records, the SAU or School District may charge an hourly research charge to cover the actual cost of providing the copy instead of the per sheet copy cost.

If the requester wants the records to be mailed, the requester will be charged the actual costs of postage or delivery and the applicable costs for copies or research time and must prepay those costs.

Amendments to Right-To-Know Law

Any amendments to the Right-To-Know Law authorizing public entities to charge additional amounts for responding to Right-To-Know Law requests are incorporated into these procedures.

Legal References:
RSA 91-A:1, Access to Governmental Records & Meetings

Adopted: August 25, 2015

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