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Londonderry Times: Candidate Wayne D. MacDonald (R)

From the Londonderry Times 10/28/2022 edition

Candidate for Londonderry State Representative

Question “How will you represent the residents of Londonderry in Concord and in Town?”

During my first term in the NH House, I made it a point to return every telephone call and most of my e-mails. Some e-mails went to the junk folder and were discovered long after the fact, a problem which I have sought to correct. In each case and with each constituent who contacted me, I made every effort to bring their concern to Concord with me and act accordingly. Each contact from someone was important and received equal consideration. If I was aware of any area of disagreement with the constituent and problem or challenge with the bill or the issue at the time, I also conveyed that to them. I made every effort to be as helpful and informative as I could be.

I also made an effort to attend town council meetings and school board meetings, as my schedule permitted. Although I am not a member of either body, I did want to go from time to time and see if there was something with which the State could be helpful.

I have been in public service for a long time. Prior to being elected to the legislature in 2020 and my professional retirement in 2019, I worked for the NH Department of Health and Human Services for twenty-three years. During that time, I developed a reputation as being very thorough and being a good listener. I listened to clients, colleagues, attorneys, law enforcement officials and defendants. I have done the same as a legislator and will continue to work with everyone I need to in state government as I bring the needs and concerns of Londonderry citizens to our state capitol.
I would deeply appreciate your vote on Nov. 8.

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