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Londonderry Town Manager Bars Individuals from Town Property

The Londonderry Town Manager has threated a criminal no-trespass order if Londonderry Associate Planner Laura Gandia or retired Londonderry Police Captain Chris Gandia are ‘present’ on Town Property.

Londonderry Town Council Meeting, 2/6/2023

Below is the notice sent by the Town Manager three days after Laura Gandia spoke during public comment at a Town Council meeting.

January 26,2023
This is to inform you that you are not licensed or privileged to be present at Londonderry Town Hall or on surrounding Town property, provided, however, that you are licensed and privileged to attend the Town Council meeting on February 6, 2023. If you are otherwise present, I will make a criminal trespass complaint the the Londonderry Police Department
Michael J. Malaguti

Neither the Town Manager or any Town Councilors responded to the question during the meeting on 2/6/2023.

What right does the Town Manager have to threaten anyone with criminal trespass if they are present on PUBLIC property? Why is the Londonderry Town Council silent?

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