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Union Leader: Junk laws Nanny State micromanagement

An editorial from the Union Leader:

Junk laws: Nanny State micromanagement

The New Hampshire Senate today will consider whether local school boards are capable of deciding which companies can advertise on school grounds. SB 304 would prohibit advertising during the day of any food or beverage that couldn’t be sold in school. It would further ban “the advertising of any corporate brand on school property during the school day”, including ball fields, scoreboards, buses, vending machines, and even promotional book covers. If parents don’t want Coke or Pepsi helping to pay for a new scoreboard in the gym, they can tell their school boards. If they don’t want their kids pelted with corporate ads during the school day, they can pass such a policy locally. –

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From SB 304:

a school district shall prohibit at any school within the district:

 (a)  The advertising of any food or beverage that may not be sold at school during the school day, or the advertising of any corporate brand on school property during the school day.  For purposes of this section, food and beverages that may not be sold at school during the day are those that do not meet the minimum nutrition standards as set forth by the school district, following the nutritional standards as required under the department of education rules for nutritional foods.  Advertising shall also be prohibited on any property or facility owned or leased by the school district or a school and used any time for school-relative activities, including but not limited to, school buildings, athletic fields, facilities, signs, scoreboards upon replacement, parking lots, school buses or other school district vehicles, equipment, vending machines upon contract renewal, school district-provided uniforms, school district-developed educational materials, or approved book covers for distribution.

Bill SPONSORS: Sen. Stiles, Dist 24; Sen. Fuller Clark, Dist 21; Rep. Balcom, Hills. 21; Rep. Shaw, Hills. 16; Rep. Sherman, Rock. 24

Updated: February 18, 2016 — 6:28 AM

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