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Term Limits In Londonderry – Don’t Ask Us

Update on Term Limits.

In March of 2016 by a vote of 1083 for and 830 against the residents of Londonderry passed the following article:

“To see if the voters will recommend to the Town Council to propose an amendment to the Town Charter to set term-limits on appointments to all non-land use boards. This question shall be non-binding on the Town Council. (BY CITIZENS PETITION)”


The Chairman of the Town Council seems to have made the final statement on the subject. Go ask the state!

Chairman Farrell read a personal statement into the record on 3/6/2017
“Most term limits are controlled by State Law. For example, state law requires that the term for all elected and appointed PB, ZBA, and other land use board members is three years. State law does not limit the number of terms an elected or appointed land use board member may serve. The petitioner of the advisory article from last year was advised of this multiple times before and after the item went to ballot. If you want term limits you need to address this with the state legislative body. The only option available to us was to possibility have boards/committees such as the Recreation, Senior Affairs, and Solid Waste could have term limits. These boards have historically had poor volunteer response and difficult to fill at times. Any change would require a charter change. The advisory article was not specifically defined and never informed the voter of the state statute or lack of a statute regarding term limits, therefore it was confusing.”
There were no comments from the other councilors.
So for the 1,083 resident there is your answer. Petition the state
Updated: March 9, 2017 — 2:30 PM

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